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Libro / Disco - 2013

22 músicos, 3 idiomas, un androide y una pequeña niña nos cuentan una historia entre los intersticios de una demanda, o pedido, que, ya lejana, aún resuena como un eco difuso en una mente (circuito) paranoide. 6 cantantes narran, acompañados por múltiples formaciones, las canciones atravesadas por esta aventura de amor y ciencia ficción.

Compuesto, arreglado e interpretado por Alejandro Goldberg y Chowa junto a Adrián Rivoira, Eva Fiori, Carolina Forteza, Pablo Malaurie, Juan Tobal y Rafael Bolomo en voces; y Nacho García (Piano), Manuel Adduci (Banjo), Maximiliano Cataldi (Batería), Mateo Aguilar (Batería), Tomás Molina Lera (Batería), Andrés Ravioli (Trompeta), Maximiliano Schonfeld (Oboe), Gonzalo Braz (Clarinete y Clarón), Lautaro Capella (Flauta), Carla Mouchard (Violín), Cecilia Carnero (Violín), Andrés Hojman (Viola), Luciano Manolio (Contrabajo), Eduardo Avena (Percusión y máquina de escribir) y Juan Tobal (guitarra).


Asistencia en programación de sintetizadores: Ernesto Romeo

Asistentes en letras: Catalina Hannon- Ingles, Sarah Godard- Frances.

Grabado entre Noviembre del 2009 y Marzo del 2012 en Punto Ar / Sonoramica / Siesta del Fauno/MCL/Chufitlandia.

Técnicos de grabación: Ariel Gato, Chowa, Pablo Gil y Ezequiel Spinelli.

Mezclado en Mayo del 2012 en Panda por Ezequiel Spinelli. Asistente Tomás Vigo.

Masterizado en junio del 2012 en 3:3:2 Studio por Pablo López Ruiz asistente Diego Calviño

Edición y Armado del libro: Manuel Adduci

Diseño: Pablo Font

Dibujos: Font - Chowa

Escrito, dirigido y producido por Chowa.


En el 2411 una misión de exploración interestelar pierde el rumbo y debe aguardar las indicaciones de la base. Esta espera es un riesgo; el develar sería insoportable. No puede suceder eso, no pueden darse cuenta.

El capitán, un androide al que se le ha cargado la memoria de uno de los antiguos líderes de la revolución, no logra diferenciar -tras una falla devenida de una tormenta electromagnética- cuáles sucesos son ciertos y cuáles son parte de la antigua literatura instalada en su rom.

2411 es narrado a lo largo de 3 capítulos.

El primero es material de programación, información suelta y quebrada. Sedimento acumulado. Fluyo de paranoia. La rigidez de la forma se agrieta. De los primeros 16 sonetos que abren la obra comienza a filtrarse el material descartado, el trasfondo, lo que se escribe como se piensa. Alinealidad pura.

El segundo es un instante, un fragmento de una conversación, la primera indicación temporal, una opción, o un destino. Aquello que se escucha al paso. Fugacidad.

El tercero es narración, y narración de la narración: la historia tal y como sucedió. O como se cree que fue. Planteado en dos tiempos paralelos, tanto el año 2411 como el pasado mítico, se llenan los espacios, se descubre el comienzo y lo que puede ser un final.

Letras de canciones en ingles y frances


When she’s fine, she’s smiling all the time * between photographs of paradise or scrap

*But here she feels upset * To help someone can say it´s true * She knows her faults. * And nowadays is gone for all of us,* So nobody wishes to spell my name.

You must hurry or * The return will take our breath away +

Well, finally, I’m awake,*  From this desert night * A failed rescue * set up these  blind walls.+

Smells like spring * Why do you say no? * Am I not ok? * What do I see?* Where is my head?* Gone in a shiny day,* I really miss it .* Where do I put my thoughts, now?* -Shifting lanscape- * How do I smoke a cigarette? * You’ll not believe what I found in my hat.* Did you make this?* Or, someone wrote it down? * These notes.+

Then, you made the monster* It lives below my bed. * So, depression has passed * I’m not lonely any more*But, it used to shout to you:*“feed(l) me, like you never done before, on the road I was famished to see you try; *wake me, like you never done before, I was dreaming on the road again, Hope there´s no fuss.”·


I used  to live under water like a frog*I don’t wear any pants*But my head, one day, started to burn *Well I ran to the hospital+Then they looked my under knee*May be found some where a key*Let’s dance and don’t blame her+Eleven days have passed whith out notice at all*I wish to try once more and go.*Unless you want for me this pain for free*I hope, soon, we’ll be join at bloom.*But never hide, the pain is mine*

If you ask, I’ll say: “all I can is all I do” +So much I try to found an answer*Leave an impression, do this connection*I fall again in the funny way to speak about *Bring me home some unkind homeless*throwing up ever my name was named by you + I insist, give me the strongest way;*but she never complains *so I say, “cut my  head!”*but she never wants me sad·


If you want to stay alive, you shouldn’t worry about what happens with the sun.*But I try to make you understand that nothing really good you know will probably change, if the sky’s still shinning whit the bombs.*If you need to see what’s going on, the big nuclear cloud on stage *Will recommend us a lord for our forgiveness and to be silent until the repeats begin.*Leave my bones, please, where nobody escapes,*

In the dust, my ashes, integrated softly, *If the sky is still flaming whit the bombs. +I thought to give you a marvelous night, the brightest one you can get from me.*At the bottom of the truck, the deepest head inside the waters told me that your hair tastes like the first glass of blood in the morning, the morning that I obtained my license to kill anyone. Cause I can’t bear their face, or your volition to recover: my sense of  bliss –bless-, an ignition tour, floating to this window view, never far never near, never crowned in hell, call you as a plotter prostitute.*That you became to me.*There’s no funny way to say these words: “would you go out with me tonight?”·

Little Blonde

Come on, you should be glad that I blend with you,*For the first time, I am redeeming.*There’s a thin line between salvation and the known *funny way to break me down+I have believed in something that never came to pass*There’s no sense any more,*I found advantage: cracking and telling you what terrifies,*In the dark. +Why not? you have to answer. Will you believe? *For the first time the line is behind.*if you cross beyond –so far-*You’ll ever get there too late.+I just called the little girl with the golden hair,*She said she couldn’t come, *she must stay home praying all through the night,*She is so kind, when she wants.+I will take some pills and sleep*Fighting against the bond of the striking glass,*

I give in for faults andmiscellaneous,*shall I use the expression again?+I waited for today but nothing happened,*Let’s agree it’s just a point of view,*And the form, the sight in the sigh *left me along the sand.+I have believed in something that never came to pass,*There’s no sense any more,*she must stay home praying all through the night,*She is so kind, in my mind.+I will take some pills and sleep*Fighting against the tie of the striking cup, *Given in for faults and miscellaneous,*shall I use the expression again?+I waited for today but nothing happened,*Let´s agree it’s just a point of view,*And the Form, the sight in the sigh *Left me along the sand.·


Quel chapeau parlera la derniere fois?*Qui entendra les appelles plus insistants de la liquieur*Prete a crier*« Donne moi mon verre ! »+Est-ce que je suis la memeperson dans ce tableau ?*Porquoi cette apatie de mes amies d’enfance*dactilographes de la pecheusse de la Nuit*Parce-que je retombe au Don Simon.+Brumesingullier, bouillard des epoques lointains,*Aborde moi, moi le fugitive aux pieds legers comme le plomb*Ruin de baisers*Bouche du bon savoir.+Mais je n’ai  pas le gout pour l’eternite*

Si tant , mon boisson est fini, tout les souhaits oublies.*Jamais plus la femme lèzard sur la plage,*

Parce-que je retombe au Don Simon.+La belle chanson, entonera*La pecheusse des aromes perdus*

Hereuse, seule.*Aquilon emporte moi*Ici j’ecoutesouspire et ris*Est-ce que je peu cohabiter avec l’ennuit?*retour éblouis+Est-ce que je suis la memeperson dans ce tableau ?*Porquoi cette apatie de mes amies d’enfance*Jamais plus la femme lèzard dans le réveil,*Parce-que je retombe au Don Simon.·

Old time must pass

Standing over the floor I see*That I punished myself with no sense *For many years.*But today I am right *Follow the current stair way*Probably now I can come down properly+I’ve  never felt before such an amazing*Kind of time reward*The steel climbing fish is like a bubble*Swimming in my serum+

I’m very afraid that some day *You’ll come and I won’t be here *Notice, my bed is void, but remains*

My mind is clear.+I had to run to get away*Something, may be, just happened*Hidden on the fancy form,*

Drinking in my dining room.+I stay back, love: sweet heating *And care about the names*That the light shines on*I will never forget you.+So no one could remind me*The taste of eyes falling.*They call it: the reconstruction*(The way I survive)+that’s the meaning,*the only reason*I never get the subway, *To live under ground *pass fast the season*I need more than one grave.+I don’t want to hear voices *I would like to live in coma.·


In the sky you will join with us.

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